5+ Scandinavian Bathroom That You Must Know

Despite living in cold, dark countries, Scandinavians have mastered the art of designing comfortable yet functional spaces that make use of natural, local materials. Scandinavian design is based on three features: simplicity, utility, and beauty.

#1. Scandinavian Bathroom

Scandinavian Bathroom

#2. Scandinavian Bathroom2

Scandinavian Bathroom2

#3. Pedestal Double Ended Bathtub

Pedestal Double Ended Bathtub

Reviews Take a dip into our beautiful Earl Double Ended Pedestal AcraStone Tub. Our AcraStone tubs are extremely durable and smooth to the touch inside and out, we have perfected the pedestal freestanding bathtub with detail and devotion. Every metal finish option complements the white exterior to create a centerpiece

#4. Scandinavian Bathroom3

Scandinavian Bathroom3

#5. 18 snygga sätt att inreda med kakel och klinker

18 snygga sätt att inreda med kakel och klinker

Glöm avskalat och minimalistiskt, nu vill vi ha mönster, färg och geometri på väggar och golv

#6. Basement Bathroom Reveal! (Deuce Cities Henhouse)

Basement Bathroom Reveal! (Deuce Cities Henhouse)

Sorry for disappearing the last two weeks. I had a very thorough and detailed plan to get the bathroom completed, and this post was supposed to be making its debut much much sooner. That was until our